Hard-To-Find Components Specialist

Having difficulties finding the components you need? We're here to help.


Our work

Ostenfeld Electronics ApS have helped clients finding obsolete and hard-to-find components since being established in 2007. We’re capable of finding all types of components, including active, passive and electromagnetic.

One of our competencies is also to find allocated components, where the normal supplier isn’t capable of providing, or where the price is too high.

We have a world wide network at our service, which gives our clients access to manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China.

Our company

Behind Ostenfeld Electronics ApS is Claus Ostenfeld, who’s been working with electronic components for the last 30 years. One of our qualities is, that we’re often capable of finding better solutions compared to the big companies because of our network, expertise and capacity.

Ostenfeld Electronics ApS is a representative of the german brand Round Solutions, who’s focus is on M2M, IOT and accessories.


Wireless Components

One of our primary areas of expertise is wireless components, which we have been dealing with since 2000. We are especially strong when it comes to GPS, GSM, ISM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

We have a broad network of manufacturers of these types of components, which makes us strong in delivering both small and big quantities of components at competitive prices.

Because of our knowledge, we’re able to help and consult our clients in the design process, to find the correct components and manufacturers to suit the solution.


We’re able to create unique inquiries and offers on components due to our broad network of manufacturers and contacts, while we also have a wide selection of components in stock at our own warehouse.

Project Procurement

We can help you create and acquire the Bill of Materials needed for your solutions, both on new and ongoing projects.

Our advantage is our experience and network, which means that we’re able to get you the best price on the market, while also ensuring delivery dates and quality, without any quantity requirement.

Quality Ensuring

We’re offering guarantee at delivery for every single solution. Because of relations to our network, we’re able to provide warranty and get our clients secure conditions, also at special solutions.

Our products is delivered under ISO and industry standards, to ensure the best quality for our clients.


No inquiry is too small or too difficult, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

E-Mail: clausostenfeld1@gmail.com
Phone: +45 27 11 74 10
CVR: 29809380
Address: Bernhand Bangs Allé 4, ST., Lej. 12. | 2000 Frederiksberg | Denmark